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Peace of mind with high quality containers

The packaging and shipment of products is a vital part of any business.
Ensuring your goods are safely packaged throughout the supply chain is essential, and by using the correct container with the appropriate accessories you can ensure the the safe delivery of your products.

Increased efficiency

Whether you are using stack and nest, folding or collapsible containers, Boxline offers a wide variety of space saving storage containers. By utilising the latest technology, these containers can be stacked or collapsed to reduce volume, save costs and increase supply chain efficiency.

Ensuring you have the correct container

When selecting a container, it is important to bear in mind any technical or statutory requirements that may need to be met. issue to consider:

  • Security - need for locking systems
  • Hygiene - need for containers made from virgin materials
  • Logistics - full knowledge of the proposed supply chain
  • Storage - how will be stored, possibly in High Bay racking