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Unique solutions for special requirements

In-house custom container solutions - over 30 years of engineering experience!

We have a wide range of experience in delivering solutions for special projects.
With over 30 years’ experience in container design, mould construction and production, we are specialists in the continued development of new and bespoke distribution container solutions.
Previous projects, started out as concepts, before progressing to prototypes, and then into full production, thus forming an essential role in your supply chain.

The quickest solution for custom distribution containers.

To ensure a seamless process, our development engineers work in close collaboration with our technical experts to define the specification which will achieve the desired result.
We handle the entire process in-house, and we aim to find the most efficient and economic option available for you!
From concept drawing to tool building, samples to production of the final container – the entire process is handled by us, and project time from design to client delivery can be just a few months.
Alternatively, we may be able to adapt an existing container to meet your requirements.
Please feel free to contact us to discuss your project.