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Certified Quality Management

Transport Boxes in ISO-Standard: Quality is Our Benchmark

Walther-Faltsysteme Qualitaetsmanagement ISO 2008
Certificate according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008


Quality to ISO Standard

By being certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 standard, we have committed ourselves to supplying transport boxes of the highest quality. Customer orientation, the responsibility of the management, and continuous improvement are the main objectives of the ISO standard. And that suits us, because these were always our own main principles.

Transport Boxes for the Highest Quality Requirements

However, the pure fulfilment of standards remains a bureaucratic matter, if it is not met in everyday life. You will find our high quality aspirations not only in the transparent business processes but particularly where it matters: In the production of every single boxline transport box. True quality only shows on a day to day basis, and here our transport boxes have demonstrated a million times over that they meet the most stringent of requirements. But it is not statistics that count in transport logistics. Every single container has to count here. Of this we are convinced and we stand for it. If you would like to know just how transport boxes which comply to the ISO standard are an advantage for you, please feel free to contact us!