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Even for Complex Logistics Processes

Logistics Made Easy - We Help to Handle Your Transport Boxes

Handling of Transport Boxes in Logistics Chains

May be you are not a logistics expert. You do not have to be. The handling of transport boxes in the logistical processing chain is very complex. The collection of the packed goods is just the start. After delivery to your customer follows the unpacking, planning the return of the containers, and possibly then cleaning the boxes.

Tracking & Tracing for Transport Boxes

That requires trained personnel and an intricate tracking & tracing system for the targeted control of logistics processes that is used to follow the route of every single transport box. The entire logistics chain is monitored, so that no jams and no loss of transport occurs. That is particularly important in systems in which branch distribution of transport boxes is integrated.

Specialists for All Sectors

For almost every task in the logistic chain there is an expert that can take over the handling of your transport boxes. These specialists are not only experts for transport boxes, they also know the best way around the requirements of the various sectors. boxline will be happy to help you find just the right partner for you. Find out more about our pool management solutions by contacting our experts! If you want to look at pool management in logistics in more depth, we recommend our relevant recycling guide to you.